At House of Moxa we pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality moxa and related products to the Australasian market.  Using our local Japanese knowledge advantage, and supplying from practitioner to practitioner, we strive to serve you with your moxa needs at competitive prices in a timely and friendly manner.

Catherine Kato has been practising Japanese style/5 Elements Acupuncture for over 17 years.  About 12 years ago she started importing moxa directly from Japan for her own clinic and friends’ practices.  She was able to use her fluent Japanese skills and local knowledge, having lived in Japan for over 5 years, to source the highest quality products at lower prices.  

From there stemmed the House of Moxa business.

Partnering with her husband Yasushi Kato and using their local knowledge advantage, the business has grown purely through word of mouth from Catherine’s connections in the Japanese, 5 Elements’ and greater Acupuncture communities.

We hope you and your clients enjoy using our products and receive the healing energies of moxa.